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My name in Angela, and I am the teacher at The Learning Centres, classroom on Christian Island, located at the Recreation Centre, on O'Gemaa Miikan.  Prior to starting work with the Simcoe County Board of Education, I spent over 13 years as a singer/songwriter and music instructor.  My background provides me with experience as an entrepreneur, small business person, musician and teacher. My areas of specialization as a teacher include, English literature, Music and French Second Language. 

The Learning Centres, Christian Island, (LCCI) is a satelite program that runs as part of the The Learning Centres, Midland.  All of our information database and student registry is run through the Midland campus.  This program started in 2010, as a response to the interest in Continuing Education on Christian Island.  While other programs have operated with some success, The Learning Centres has proved to be flexible and able to respond to a large variety of student needs, enabling students to establish a path to graduation. The program continues to grow and new courses are offered based on the requests and needs expressed by the students who register every year. 

Each course is complete in only 36 classroom sessions, totalling 110 hours of classroom instruction, complete in only 7 weeks.  With one course offered in the morning and a different course offered in the afternoon, students can be opt for an aggressive workload or a more flexible one.  This is an excellent bonus for parents, or those who are juggling a work schedule while going to school.  Our program is designed to upgrade students who have very few credits or little academic experience.  We also offer evaluation for maturity credits.  Many mature students, who register in September, are happy to learn that they can plan a course study that will allow them to graduate in the same school year.  

Our program is designed for the mature student; this means individuals over 18 years of age, but it also means individuals who are grandparents! It is never to late to earn an education. Why not start now, on your own terms, at home!  I enjoy meeting the community.  I would be happy to spend time with you to review your options.  Please stop in during lunch hour or call to arrange a time to meet.  If you are at the Recreation Centre, you can come in and see what is happening in our class.  If a lesson is in session, just pull up  a chair. 

See you soon!

Angela Haskill


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